Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Barber’s ~

Getting excited for the next guild meeting!  Al Currier will have a great presentation on the Barber Handweaving business that was on the Lummi Reservation. 

Over the weekend I stumbled upon this Barber outfit at a local antique shop (see below).  Do you have any Barber items?  If you do, be sure to bring them as a show-and-tell item for our meeting on Jan. 13th.  I know that members will be anxious to see what was produced in Whatcom County 40-50 years ago.


Caught a glimpse of this “get up” and knew instantly that it was a Barber. 

2Shot a picture of the Barber’s tag and the shop’s sales tag ($80!).



A close up of the pattern.


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  1. My Barber skirt was my favorite piece of clothing in the 50's (when I was a teen), I have looked for another one for years. Does anyone know where I can find one?????