Friday, January 15, 2010

An open letter ~

I never intended to post anything to the group like this, but I really need to say something to the whole Whatcom Weavers Guild.

Last Wednesday evening’s program felt iffy to me back in the planning stages.  Iffy only because I wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough to see and touch.  My attempts to secure the video about the Barber Hand Weaving business from the Museum didn’t pan out.  I was concerned….but then, Marcia C. called and e-mailed me saying that she had spoken to an old friend who was employed by the Barbers for years.  When she told me the person’s name, I said, “I think I know her.”  Sure enough, I did. 

That’s how dear Mary Ellen became an important part of Wednesday evening. 

I, or should I say WE, are indebted to her for sharing such wonderful artifacts.  As the trusted guardian, she has preserved a treasure trove of history from such a successful weaving business located right here in Whatcom County.  Thank you Mary Ellen.

As for all the rest of you guild members, thank you for your active participation.  I left that evening thrilled that the meeting became an open forum for all.  Thank you to the folks who brought items to share, and thank you for simply filling the room with so much energy.

It was way cool! ~ Julie

Here are some images of garment from Barber Hand Weaving.123 476

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